The Week According to Miss Fisher

As a new participant in the KPAL crew I am eager to share about my week.  This week I have seen the Kindergarten students deeply questioning, taking ownership, and being excited about their learning, all with plenty of smiles and laughter. It is always grounding being in a Kindergarten class with their ability to talk purely about what’s on their mind. This week was full of exploration, discovery, play and learning. An aspect of the program I value is the focus on the students taking ownership of what they are learning. An example displayed multiple times a day is the way circles are run. After a child responds to a question it is their responsibility to choose the next student to share. It gives the student a voice and input as well as minimises the traditional teacher-led structure.   

Throughout this week my goal was to improve my facilitation of teaching through inquiry. Inquiry is a simple concept and yet challenging to put into action.  This week I had the opportunity to lead two lessons on trees in the spring time, even though spring is a little slow to arrive. The children explored buds and other aspects of trees at this point in the year. They asked questions, formulated hypotheses and participated in some counting.

The Literacy routine is part of the program that happens every week, but it is great to see children participating and responding to word work this positively. Each morning time is taken the play the SNAP WORD guessing with Miss K followed by a morning message. The student are eager to guess letters, sound out and chant words.  This activity fosters learning at all ages.

One of the activities we did this week we stumbled upon by student’s interest of Televisions. The students were questioning how many TVs each person had in their house.  As a class we created two graphs representing this data. The first one looked at how many TVs each KPAL had in their house. The students noticed there was data missing from this graph so a second one was created describing who has how many TV’s in their houses. The students were able to identify and interpret the graph data.    

In art class the students were asked to build a mixed media piece using transparent ovals, 2D shapes, cubes and wood pieces. The student’s then named their work with one describing word. The students have become experts at descriptive words since this has become a part of the literacy morning routine.